Since their victims was in fact distribute, the guy today began a beneficial mobilization regarding his troops

Since their victims was in fact distribute, the guy today began a beneficial mobilization regarding his troops

The individuals often see the newest bedchamber, the space and this knows no sunlight

Such as for example a beneficial wrestler that is planning to enter the high courtyard, he . their hands to your (?) the newest E-kur. For example an athlete bent first off an event, he handled the fresh giguna since if they was in fact well worth simply 30 shekels. Including an effective robber plundering the metropolis, he lay tall ladders from the temple. In order to destroy Elizabeth-kur since if they have been a large ship, to split upwards the crushed including the ground regarding mountains where gold and silver was mined, so you can splinter it such as the lapis lazuli hill, so you can prostrate it, such as for instance a district inundated by the Ickur. Though the forehead was not a mountain in which cedars is felled, he had highest axes shed, he’d double-edged agasilig axes sharp for use up against it. The guy lay spades against its sources and it sank because reasonable as foundation of the fresh new Home. The guy lay axes facing the ideal, while the temple, for example a dead soldier, bowed its shoulder in advance of your, and all of new international places bowed the necks in advance of best military pen pals dating apps him. The guy torn away its drain water pipes, and all of the new rain went back to the air . He tore regarding their top lintel and the Homes is actually deprived of their ornament (step 1 ms. has as an alternative: the design of one’s Home vanished). From its “Gate of which grains is not diverted”, he redirected grain, together with Residential property was deprived off grain. He hit the fresh new “Door out of Well-Being” for the pickaxe, and you will well-getting is actually subverted in every the international countries. Because if they were for higher tracts off land having broad carp-filled oceans, he cast large spades (step one ms. possess alternatively: axes) for usage resistant to the Elizabeth-kur.

No matter if that they had enough time no sacrilege, its lahama deities of your high pilasters standing at the temple had been thrown with the flames from the Naram-Suen

The fresh new Akkadians could research the holy cost bust of your own gods. The brand new cedar, cypress, juniper and you may boxwood, brand new woods of the giguna, were . from the your. He put their silver inside the pots and set the gold within the leather bags. He filled the fresh new docks having its copper, because if they was a large transportation out-of grain. The fresh silversmiths was indeed lso are-creating its gold, jewellers were re-shaping the precious stones, smiths have been beating its copper. Higher ships was in fact moored at temple, large ships have been moored at Enlil’s forehead and its particular property was in fact eliminated throughout the town, regardless of if these people were maybe not the goods out-of a great plundered urban area. Into property are recinded in the area, awareness left Agade. Once the vessels went of (certain mss. have alternatively: juddered) the newest docks, Agade’s intelligence (step 1 ms. have alternatively: sanctuary) try got rid of.

Enlil, brand new roaring (?) storm you to subjugates the whole residential property, the brand new rising deluge that can’t be faced, is given what are shed in exchange for new wrecking away from his dear Age-kur. The guy brought up their look into the Gubin hills, making every populace of wider mountain range appear (?). Enlil brought out of mountains those who don’t be like other people, who aren’t reckoned included in the Property, the newest Gutians, a keen unbridled anybody, that have human cleverness but the dog intuition (particular mss. enjoys as an alternative: feelings) and you may monkeys’ have. Like small wild birds they swooped on to the floor within the higher flocks. On account of Enlil, they extended their hands out along the plain such as a net getting pets. Absolutely nothing escaped its clutches, not one person kept the master. Messengers no more flew the newest highways, the newest courier’s motorboat no further passed along the rivers.

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