A good lighting design is fundamental to the quality and comfort of the atmospheres we create. For best results it is essential to use good light sources. That is why we only use quality-recognized brands, with innovative design. We aim to have the best solutions for our clients and therefore regularly search for the latest…


An extraordinary piece of furniture can bring together the creative concept of a space. A set of these pieces, organized according to a personal concept can transform the home or a public space into a unique experience. Lavradio Design studio carefully researches and selects the best furniture worldwide.

outdoor furniture

Gardens and terraces deserve our full attention in our Architectural and Design projects. The exterior of a property is an extension of the project and therefore deserves careful consideration and expert treatment. We observe the natural conditions of each place and highlight its best features by using exceptional design and furnishings.


The ground we walk on, the texture of the walls, the surface finishes are details that decisively influence the comfort of the spaces. Why choose finishes without life or personality? Lavradio Design studio has a full range of items that allow us to choose the best finish for each project, fully adapted to the developed…

fabrics and rugs

We offer an extensive selection of textile brands that perfectly complement the decorative concepts we develop. Lavradio Design works with the best designer fabrics, wall coverings and soft furnishings from both national and international brands.