Celma Lavradio – Biography

Born in Angola, the 21st of May, 1972, marries in 1996 and has four children. Graduates in Economics and Politics by the University of Bath, U.K., with the purpose of having a good base for the future. She lives in several countries such as Brazil, England and Spain, and travels for many more. This exposure to different cultures inspired her passion for interior design. In Portugal, Celma Lavradio worked for six years in the A.I.P. and in 2000, she became general manager at Madrilisboa, the real estate group owned by the family. Since then she is responsible for developing residential and commercial projects of medium to large scale. Through ongoing work with designers, architects and decorators she awakes to her oldest vocation: Architecture and Design. Celma Lavradio returns to England and starts a new training in Interior Design at the prestigious Inchbald School of Design, in London. In 2011, with Carolina Lavradio, Celma Lavradio relaunches the Lavradio Design studio, taking care of the legacy left by Teresa Lavradio, a reference of Interior Design inPortugal.

Carolina Lavradio – Biography

Born in Lisbon, the 13rd of April, 1983, marries in 2006 and has three children. She always knew what her professional vocation was and so she graduates in Interior Design by the Ricardo Espírito Santo Silva Foundation. Her professional activity begins at architecture studio Intergaup, where develops mainly architectural interiors in homes, apartments and offices. In 2007, Carolina Lavradio joins the team of Studiofirma and works with innovative materials as micro concrete and decorative plaster. As interior designer, she carries out projects and supervises construction works. At the same time, independently performs several architectural, interiors and decoration projects. In 2009 joins Celma Lavradio for the renovation of several houses, a model apartment and a ready-to-wear shop. In 2010 the family moves to Singapore and later to France. During this period of one year she has the opportunity to travel through several countries in Southeast Asia. Back in Portugal, in 2011, she becomes devoted entirely to Lavradio Design.