Can my mom go to jail for my 18 year old brother

Can my mom go to jail for my 18 year old brother

He has to find a school where he is now or they will take her. Is that fair to have a warrant on someone who is 18, and they take the parent in but not the one with the warrant? anon2548

I live in Missouri. My 18 year old son lives in Nebraska with his mother, and his mother signed him out of school as soon when he turned 16. I have continued to pay child support for him.

If I’m 16 and my boyfriend is 18, is it classified as kidnapping if I leave the state of Maryland and go to West Virgina with him? anon2513

I’m lost and forgotten and don’t know what I’m going to do?

I am 18 years old and my mother won’t let me move out of the house. She claims that the new Colorado state law states that I cannot move out of the house legally until I am 19. Is this true? anon2500

I am 17. I turn 18 tomorrow. I left home when I was about to turn 17 so my mom had to file runaway charges. Almost 10 months later they caught me and put me in a children’s home and I ran out and missed my court date, too. I have never had any problems with charges or anything except for this now. And I have a 17 year old girlfriend who is six months pregnant with my baby. anon2465

I am 17 and 27 weeks pregnant and my boyfriend is 23 years old, the father of my baby. We are trying to find some houses to rent. I’m scared that because of my age they won’t let me move in with him even if I’m pregnant? Could someone let me know something about this? Anything would help. anon2421

I’m 16. I got expelled from school and I’m looking to get my GED. I live on my own. I wish I didn’t have so much stress going on in my life at such a young age. I have no one who gives a damn about my well being. anon2418

i have a quick question. I’m 20 years old, and I have three little brothers. My parents are recently separated. How old do I have to be to be legally in charge of them? xauto

134: Yes, until the age of 21, they (just legal children of yours) are allowed to come and stay with you and you need to be able to support them and house them and such. This doesn’t mean you have to pay for their house if they can’t pay for it; that’s their problem if they signed the lease.

The thing about you having to pay any of her expenses the whole 21st year is, as you said, rubbish. Unless you co-signed the lease. Seeing as it’s your place that was leased to them, I doubt you co-signed a lease on your own place.

Honestly, I know it sounds harsh and would be hard to do for anyone, but I would evict them at this point. She is undoubtedly old enough to start taking care of herself at 21 years old. Not yours. anon2362

If she hasn’t managed to be https://www.hookupdate.net/freelocaldates-review able to at this point, that’s her fault and now her problem

I would like to know what exactly is the age of adulthood in the state of New York. My daughter is living there in my house with her boyfriend and new baby. They both signed a lease for the apartment in . I have not been paid anything since they signed the lease. They actually have been living in the apartment since April with no lease. She just turned 21 and he is 22 or 23, and now she is telling me I have to take care of her expenses for the whole 21st year, which I think is rubbish.

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